quarta-feira, julho 05, 2006


Digam lá que esta corrida não tem muito mais piada que a dos toros?
Pelo quinto ano consecutivo, a Peta organiza a "Running of the Nudes" que pretende chamar a atenção para a violência exercida sobre os pobres animais anualmente, em Pamplona.
Confesso que até acho piada a ver umas dúzias de "trolls" a correrem à frente dos chifres dos portentosos bovinos! E é claro que de cada vez que um leva uma valente "marrada" ou é atropelado a diversão aumenta! MAS, prefiro e apoio muito mais esta corrida de humanos e belas humanas. Por isso, faço minhas as razões apresentadas no site oficial destes malucos!

Top 10 Reasons to Join the "Running of the Nudes"

1. It’s about babes – not bulls. Hardly-dressed hotties and nearly-nude dudes – need we say more?

2. Goring is boring! While “Running of the Bulls” revellers are putting themselves at risk of being accidentally gored or trampled by terrified, tormented bulls, we’ll be safely cruising down the cobblestones in our own fun and festive “no-bull” alternative.

3. Ay carumba! A week-long holiday in Spain would be muy bueno! Where else can you enjoy great food and drink, spectacular scenery and amazing sights while participating in an event that reminds tourists and Spaniards that an animal-friendly celebration is a more positive way to take pleasure in the city of Pamplona and in Spanish culture?

4. It’ll be a cheeky thing to do – literally. What better way to protest how bulls get a bum rap than to bare your own bum? Besides, hasn’t it always been your naked ambition to help animals?

5. All the cool kids are doing it. The “Running of the Nudes” attracts hundreds of people from around the world, so it’s the perfect place to make new friends who are just as compassionate and fun-loving as you are.

6. It’s not every day that you get to hit the streets wearing plastic bullhorns and body paint. You know, it really would be a good look for you …

7. You’ll be a tourist attraction! Every year, the Running of the Nudes is performed with such passion and positive energy that it’s a tourist attraction in its own right.

8. You don’t need to worry about which outfit to wear. Just pack your toothbrush and sun block and come as you are. After all, the dress code is very casual! Plus, no tan lines! We can’t think of a better way to have fun in the sun and work on a whole-body tan.

9. The party’s on PETA. At the finish line, we’ll treat you to the best street party in Pamplona – complete with local music, food, drink and entertainment.

10. It’s not cool to be cruel. Spain’s Running of the Bulls is a notoriously cruel spectacle – one in which bulls never stand a chance. During the run, bulls are injured and tormented by throngs of people who yank their tails and jab at them with sharp sticks as the animals scramble through slippery streets. In the arena, bulls are stabbed repeatedly to weaken them through blood loss and are forced to run in circles to make them so dizzy and disoriented that they cannot defend themselves. After prolonged agony, the matador (Spanish for “killer”) kills them by putting a sword through their spine.

Out with the old, in with the nude!!!

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